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Why Is My Washing Machine Leaking

Your washer is one of the most important appliances in your home. It can also be a common source of leak issues that could cause damage to your flooring and surrounding property. If you’ve noticed any amount of water left on your floor after running a load of laundry, it is important to determine the source of the leak quickly to prevent more problems.

Check Your Hoses

A good place to start is by checking your water supply hose and drainage hose that hook up to your washer system. If you notice a leak at the back of your washer, it could be caused by a drain hose that is not properly secured. If it is secured, it could still be a clog issue that is preventing the water from draining properly, causing water to flow back up the pipework.

You also want to make sure that your connection hose is tight. A secure fit is achieved through the use of rubber washers. If your washers are degraded or missing, this could be why you are experiencing a leak.

Water Pump Leak

If the leak seems to be coming from underneath your washer, this could be a water pump leak. There could be a hole or other damage that is causing water to leak from this pump. It is important to have this replaced as quickly as possible to prevent it from damaging your washer.

Remove Drain Plug

If you may have forgotten to remove the manufacturer’s drain plug before installing the hose, your water leak problem will continue after the installation of a new washer. Remove the hose to ensure that the plug was properly removed.

Let Us Take a Look

If you are unsure of where a leak is coming from, the professionals at Columbia Drain can help. We can inspect your pipes, hoses, and connections to determine what is causing a leak around your washer. Contact us to learn more.

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