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What to Do When Your Drain Is Clogged

Many homeowners can go years without worrying about a clogged drain. However, the truth is that over those many years, the homeowner’s drain is slowly accumulating more and more debris. A clogged drain isn’t always a case where the water never goes down — sometimes the drain works, only slowly. The key is to recognize what to do in each scenario.

The Water in My Drain Won’t Go Down

In cases like these, the issue is often a large blockage somewhere in the pipes. Substances like thick paper towels, children’s toys, bath towels, and other items all have no place in the drain. Despite this, we understand that blockages happen.

A simple solution to this problem is to acquire what is known as a ‘drain snake’ and plunge it into your drain. The barbed drain snake will slip through whatever is creating the blockage and will snag onto the substance with its barbs. When removed, the drain snake will take along whatever created the blockage. This will hopefully clear the drain and allow water to flow through properly.

The Water in My Drain Goes Down Slowly

This issue is usually caused by hair that has gone down the drain. When this occurs, the large amount of hair backs up the water, clogging the drain. The dense hair is not entirely solid, however, and, therefore, it allows water to pass through slowly. The best solution to this problem is to obtain some drain-clearing chemicals.

Pour the chemical down the drain while also running the water, which slowly passes through. As the water slowly goes down the drain, the chemical agent will move along with it. The chemical acid will then eat away at any organic matter, such as hair, and clear the drain. This will allow any water to freely move through your pipes.

Should these solutions not solve your drain problem in Portland, Oregon, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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