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Grease Trap Maintenance Service

At Columbia Drain Co. strategic partnerships help us provide our customers the best Grease Trap Maintenance Services in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington area.

Grease Trap Maintenance

Though our partnerships we can provide your needs in maintaining your grease traps and interceptors.

What is a grease trap? This is a structure that is either inside a restaurant or outside underground. It separates F.O.G.’s from entering our sewer system. FOG is Fats, Oils, Greases. If the FOG is allowed into the sewer system it will plug the sewers and cause major back up. These structures require schedule maintenance to ensure they are working properly.

Columbia Drain Co. is the best choice for Home Owners, Commercial Businesses & Light Industrial

At Columbia Drain Co. we are committed to total customer satisfaction. We have a very simple guarantee, “If you are not truly happy with the service that you have received, let us know. We will either credit your account or refund your money”. We do not charge travel time.

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