Local Portland & Vancouver Catch Basin Maintenance Service

Catch Basins Cleaning & Maintenance

The local expert and the trusted source

Columbia Drain provides Catch Basins cleaning and maintenance throughout the entire Vancouver and Portland areas. We are the local expert and the trusted source for cleaning by your local school districts, business park managers as well as doing work for the city. Our reputation for quality service and proper disposal of the contaminated waste makes Columbia Drain the company you can go to with confidence to take care of your flooded parking lots and basin maintenance needs.

What is a catch basin? 

You have seen a catch basin as you have walked in to a store or crossed a parking lot. That round or square steel grate that seems to be everywhere. While they do not seem like much, they perform a very important function in the lives of us all. They help keep our water clean, they filter oils and other contaminates from our water sources. They help control flooding in the area. If not maintained annually, a catch basin cannot function at its best.

What do I need to do to maintain my Catch Basin properly?

As with most devices, catch basins require annual maintenance. They require an annual cleaning and inspection. At Columbia drain, we will vacuum out the basin, wash down the inside, and dispose of the waste at a proper site, licensed to accept the contaminated debris. We will also report back any  damage or needed repairs. The most common damage to a catch basin is the missing or damaged baffle. A baffle is a 90 degree pipe that is the outlet for the water. Over time other companies may cut the baffle off to access the drain line while cleaning it. This baffle keeps the oils and other contaminants from flowing straight into the streams or storm sewers. This 90 degree pipe goes down into the basin, it forces the water to go down into the 90 then up and out of the basin. Oil being lighter than water stays on top. The heavier items get saturated and settle to the bottom of the basin.  All of this contaminates are removed during your annual cleaning of your catch basins. Columbia Drain has the knowledge, expertise and reputation to be your catch basin maintenance company. Columbia Drain will provide the needed annual inspections to keep your catch basins in great working order.

Columbia Drain Co. is the best choice for Home Owners, Commercial Businesses & Light Industrial

At Columbia Drain Co. we are committed to total customer satisfaction. We have a very simple guarantee, “If you are not truly happy with the service that you have received, let us know. We will either credit your account or refund your money”. We do not charge travel time.

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