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Shave Without Clogging Your Drain

Most homeowners are aware of common items that can cause the drains in your home to become clogged. This includes food waste, hair, and non-flushable items going down the drains of your toilet, sinks, or shower. While people are aware that the hair from their heads can clog their shower drains, many don’t give a second thought to facial hair that travels down the drain when shaving. If you shave over your bathroom sink, there are precautions you should consider to avoid causing an unwanted clog.

Avoid Filling the Sink With Water

When shaving over the bathroom sink, it is common to see individuals fill the sink partially full with water to aid in rinsing off their razors. This can quickly lead to a serious clog. When you go to drain the sink, it will be impossible to separate the hair from the water. An easy solution is to use a small bowl or cup with warm water in it to rinse your razor. This process also helps to prevent a large amount of shaving cream or lotion from going down the drain, which is another common cause of clogs.

Preventing Clogs

Shaving can be messy. There are a few simple solutions to minimize the amount of hair that could go down your drain. You can purchase a beard trimming mat that sticks to your mirror with suction cups and attaches around your neck. This collects all the hairs for easy disposal when finished. Another simple solution is to line your sink basin with a paper towel. This allows water to seep through the material but stops hair and shaving cream from going down the drain.

If you find yourself with a serious clog, don’t hesitate to call in a professional from Columbia Drain Co. We can handle any severity of clogs, getting your drains back to full function in no time. Contact us today.

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