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Drain Problems to Watch for This Summer

Summer can be a busy time for any individual or family. Kids may be out of school, vacations are planned, and lots of activity is likely happening in your home. With more people around in the summer, there’s more strain being placed on your sewer and drains. However, rather than having a full-blown emergency, here are some things to look for to avoid any bigger issues.

Sewer Line Backups

With added bodies in your home during the summer, more things are running through your sewer system. This can cause sewer line backups quickly. Big rainstorms and tree root systems can also cause line backup issues. 

Expanding Pipes

It’s common sense that pipes may contract in the winter with colder temperatures and expand during summer’s higher temperatures. However, it may surprise you that both metal and plastic pipes can expand and contract. Too much of this either way can be a big issue. If you’re hearing sounds like groans and creaks, this may be a troubling sign.

Blocked Garbage Disposal

With all the extras that summer brings, it can also place added stress on your garbage disposal. With extra usage, it’s more likely that a garbage disposal could become blocked or clogged. Letting this go for too long can be a serious problem for your drains.

Added Strain on the Water System Drains

With extra traffic comes extra stress on your home’s drains. There are a number of drains in your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and more. That additional stress on your drains can cause serious issues if not solved properly. 

Rather than let these problems get away from you, keep your home running in top shape. Our expert team at Columbia Drain can help clean out your drains and make sure they won’t cause any additional problems. Check out our drain cleaning services and contact us today.

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