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Reasons You Have Cloudy Tap Water

The white cloudiness of your water can seem scary, but it is likely harmless. Water is generally safe to drink in the United States, so there is not much to worry regarding the safety of the water coming from your tap. Below are a few potential reasons you have cloudy tap water.

Change in Water Pressure

There may have been a change in the water pressure nearby, and air can get trapped in the pipes for a variety of reasons. Often, cloudy water is simply water that has been aerated. The bubbles in the water give the water its cloudy color. If this is the case, the water often clears slowly from the bottom up.

You Have Hard Water

Hard water is water that is filled with a variety of minerals. These minerals can cause build up in your pipes, decreasing water pressure in your home. When you have hard water, you can get cloudiness from the minerals in the water and from pieces of buildup entering your water. Not to worry though, this is absolutely harmless. If you want to address the cloudiness of your water, we recommend installing a water softener, which removes the minerals from your water and improves the health of your pipes.

Sediment in the Water

As your water travels through the pipes, it can pick up pieces of sediment that have gathered in the pipes. This sediment is harmless, but it will make your water appear cloudy and stay cloudy. To remove sediment from your water, you may want to think about a water filtration system.

If you’re worried about the cloudiness of your water, you may want to install a water softener or water filtration system. At Columbia Drain Company, our expert plumbers can help you make the best decision towards getting rid of cloudiness in the water in your home. Contact us today for assistance with your plumbing needs in the Portland, OR area!

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