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Common Causes of Household Drain Blockages

Clogs can happen at any time, for a variety of different reasons, and in some situations, these blockages can be unavoidable. Besides your toilet, the two most common kinds of drain blockages in your home come from improper disposal of food waste and shower runoff, both having the potential to generate massive clogs in your plumbing system.

Avoiding these messy situations is simple, and knowing what you can put down your drain and what you can’t is the first step toward a functioning plumbing system.

Tub and Shower Drain Backups

With any drain that receives a high volume of dirt, hair, and soap scum, a clog is bound to happen. However, steps can be taken to minimize the likelihood of obstructed pipes. For example, using a hair skimmer to collect any hair shed during your showers can decrease the amount of debris buildup in your pipes, helping you stave off bigger clogs for longer.

Kitchen Sink Clogs

In most cases, the buildup of cooking grease and food debris can cause massive clogs in your kitchen sink. Similar to a bathroom hair skimmer, having a sink strainer that can catch any food debris helps prevent waste buildup in your pipes. When getting rid of cooking oil, do not pour it down the sink — either let it harden and throw it out, or scrape solid grease into the trash. Pouring cooking oil down the drain creates a sludgy, sticky mess that acts like a glue trap in your pipes.

Keeping Your Drains Blockage-Free

When facing any big plumbing obstruction, most people turn to commercial drain cleaners as a cure-all for their problems. These drain cleaners are extremely harmful to your drains, though, and can make the problem even worse. Instead of turning to “liquid plumbers,” call a professional like the technicians at Columbia Drain, who can help diagnose the source of the clog and properly clean out your drains. For drain cleaning services you can trust, contact us today.

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