The Importance of Sewer Scope Inspection

A sewer scope inspection is a service ideal for homeowners and potential buyers who want to have a better understanding of the quality of the home’s piping system. Sewer line damage can be devastating due to the health risks backed up sewage can create, as well as the damage it can do to your home. A sewer scope inspection is the best way to be proactive about any potential damages or blockages that could impact the health of your sewer lines.

How it Works

A qualified professional can be called to your property to provide the sewer scope inspection. This person will have the training and experience necessary to work the equipment, as well as know exactly what to look for to provide a detailed report following the inspection. This service involves using a video that is attached to a snake-like cable. This allows for a full, deep inspection of your sewer line. Your technician will be able to spot any damage, blockage, or other problems.

Why Should I have a Sewer-Scope Inspection?

This inspection can help in several situations. If you are looking to sell your home, you may want to have this inspection completed to better understand any issues you’ll have to address before you can sell. This is also great for those looking to buy a home. It provides a clearer idea of the current condition of the plumbing system. This knowledge could greatly impact the overall worth of investment. It is also great for current homeowners who want to be proactive about their sewer line health. This inspection can help catch minor concerns before they can turn into major issues. 

You Can Trust Columbia Drain

Columbia Drain has the tools, technology, and experience necessary to provide sewer scope services. We can help analyze the current condition of your sewer lines. From there we can provide you a detailed report as well as advice to keep your system working perfectly. Contact us to schedule your sewer scope inspection.  

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