Your Guide to Protecting Your Garbage Disposal This Summer

Kitchen garbage disposals are significant appliances in countless households in Portland, Oregon. But like all other common appliances in a home, garbage disposals are susceptible to a wide variety of common plumbing problems if they aren’t handled with care. Here are a few key tips you can adopt to ensure your garbage disposal is functioning at its peak level throughout the duration of its useful life.


Putting too much food or waste in your garbage disposal can result in a large-scale build up within your drains and pipes. If you find yourself needing to dispose of a large amount of food, you can shield your garbage disposal from needless damage and prevent serious problems with any of the following methods of eliminating waste:


  • Chop up the food into small portions to make it easier for the disposal to cut up. Always be sure to put the small chunks of food in at a gradual pace to prevent overloading your disposal and causing blockages.


  • Rather than trying to throw everything down the drain as quickly as possible, grab a large garbage bag to avoid inflicting serious damage on your disposal.


  • Consider composting your viable food remains instead of trashing them.


Flush Your System


Making a point to flush your garbage disposal on a regular basis can help cleanse the system of clog-provoking materials, which can reduce the chance of blockages and allow your appliance to run more effectively overall. Before you flush the system, retract any large objects from the disposal drain and be sure the appliance won’t turn on while you are removing the items.


Always refrain from putting your hands directly in the disposal. Instead, utilize pliers or tongs, but be cautious to avoid accidental damage. You can flush your disposal with approximately four inches of warm water and a bit of dish soap to effectively remove any excess dirt that has developed in the system. Fill your sink with soap and water, open the drain’s plug, and then switch on your garbage disposal. The water and soap will proactively flush the system to clear away any clog-inducing debris. 


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