What’s in Your Floor Drain?

A floor drain is a drain that is usually in your basement, laundry room, or garage.  They are installed to get rid of water if your house floods and deal with backup problems.  Maintaining a floor drain is important but rarely thought of unless someone calls a plumber for preventative maintenance.  It is important to have your floor drain checked along with your other plumbing on a regular basis.


Sometimes floor drains can smell bad.  If your floor drain is dry, then it may start to smell of sewage.  The best fix for this is to pour water down the drain.  This refills the trap and then blocks the smell.


If you see bugs come out of your floor drain, then you could have an infestation if you don’t catch it quickly.  The drain is dry, so adding water to it can get rid of the bugs.  Bugs tend to be attracted to areas with water.  So, if you have moist areas in your basement, garage, or other places in your home, try to keep these areas dry and make sure your home doesn’t have any other spaces that allow bugs to enter.  Keep an eye on your floor drains, so that the bugs don’t have a way into your home.

A Blockage

An overflowing floor drain can create a mess.  If you have a blockage, having your drain cleaned can improve the problem.  There is a problem with the sewer line, and your plumber can diagnose and fix the situation quickly.

The Worst

Sewage backing up into your floor drain is the worst.  During some storms, this can happen!  It may also happen if you have a blocked sewer line.  The problem with this type of backup is that it isn’t just water; it is sewage and highly dangerous.  It will also damage anything it touches.  If you have a sewage backup from your floor drain, it is important to call to have it fixed, so you don’t have irreparable damage.

Columbia Drain in Portland OR is happy to inspect your floor drain and clear it out if it is clogged.  We can also inspect the rest of your plumbing this summer to make sure you are ready for the rain!

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