What Type of Drain Clearing Service Will I Need to Clear This Clog?

Stubborn clogs can appear in any of the drains in your home, and plumbing professionals like the ones at Columbia Drain use a variety of techniques to clear them. If you have a clog causing problems in your home, you might wonder how exactly a service provider like Columbia Drain will solve the problem. Drain clearing is a fairly straightforward process, but we use different techniques to fully clear clogs depending on the size of the drain and the severity of the clog.

Standard Snaking

The traditional method for plumbers to clear drain lines is to use “snakes,” long, flexible pieces of metal with grasping hooks at the end. The plumber leads the snake into the drain line until it contacts the clog, then the hooks attach to the clog and the plumber extracts the snake line, pulling the clog along with it.

The snaking method offers a simple but effective solution to a clogged drain line, but these tools certainly have drawbacks. They have limitations in terms of flexibility and may not work as well in complex piping systems. Depending on the type of clog, the snake may have trouble attaching to it and/or pulling it out completely. Another problem is that they often leave behind residue stuck to the walls of the pipe. While the drain clears, it may not be completely clean, and the leftover residue will continue attracting more particles that eventually form a new clog.

Hydro Jetting

The newer, more advanced method of clearing stubborn drain lines is hydro jetting. Instead of fishing a snake line into a clogged drain, hydro jetting requires the use of a highly pressurized stream of water blasted into the drain. The hydro jetting system ensures a tight seal over the drain opening, so the water has nowhere to go but through the pipe, blasting away the clog completely.

Hydro jetting offers several advantages over snaking, such as the way it basically cleans the inside of treated pipes as it destroys clogs. While snaking is likely to leave behind residue and requires pulling out a nasty clog inside a home for disposal, hydro jetting breaks apart clogs and sends them through the drain line.

At Columbia Drain, we have experience solving the worst and most complicated drain clog problems. Contact us online or call us in Portland today at (503) 313-7246 for assistance with your stubborn clog and we’ll be sure to bring the right tools for the job.



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