Water Quality Manholes

At Columbia Drain we strive to be the go to company when it comes to providing expert and local environmental services, this includes the maintenance of Water Quality Manholes.

What is a Water Quality Manhole?

A Water Quality Manhole is designed to trap sediment, oil, and debris in a chamber before conveying storm water to a disposal point. These manholes require annual inspections and maintenance cleaning when they reach a pre-designed level of solids in the bottom of the system.

How do I maintain my Water Quality Manhole?

Columbia Drain can provide the service required to inspect, maintain and service the cleaning needs of your Water Quality Manhole ,to help you maintain your BMP’s, Columbia Drain will inspect the system. If maintenance is required Columbia Drain will send our experienced crews out to vacuum the contaminants from the manhole, wash down the system and dispose of the waste at a approved site. Columbia Drain will provide you with a copy of the dump manifest, showing exactly where the waste was taken, keeping your BMP’s, up to date.