The Top 5 Reasons Drain Clog During the Holidays

Clogged drains are a bigger problem during the holidays in Portland, OR, than any other time of year. Drains work overtime during the holidays because of more people in a home, which increases the use of the plumbing system.  If you want to avoid holiday clogs, contact us to have your pipes cleaned!

  1. Garbage disposals are misused more during the holidays. Garbage, bones, eggshells, coffee grounds, and vegetable peels are all causes of clogged drains.  When there are holiday events, it is more likely that these items get put in a garbage disposal.  Using a drain strainer and well-placed reminders will help your guests and family members think about running the garbage disposal versus placing items in the trash or compost.
  2. Just like the disposal, there is a higher chance for the wrong items to get flushed during the holidays. A nicely worded reminder of what should and shouldn’t get flushed is an excellent start to keeping your drains working well all winter.  Post this reminder by the toilet.  Things that should be on the list to avoid are hair, cotton balls, floss, paper towels, and baby wipes, or other flushable wipes.  Even items that say they are flushable can take much longer to disintegrate and cause a clog in a pipe.
  3. More showers mean a higher chance of a clogged bathroom drain. Consider installing a screen for the bathroom shower and sink drains.  A sink screen stops hair, lotion, and conditioner from clogging up a pipe.
  4. Outside drains can get clogged from debris during storms. Regularly have your outside and basement drains cleaned so that they don’t get clogged and overflow causing a flood!
  5. Grease is a massive culprit for backed-up pipes. With everyone preparing feasts, it is essential to make sure oil and food with a lot of fat don’t get poured down drains.  While grease may not clog a drain instantly, it can collect on the walls of pipes and cause other items to get stuck, causing a clog.
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