Another one of our environmental services that we provide is maintenance and upkeep for StormCeptors.

What is a StormCeptor?

A StormCeptor, is avortex system that removes oils and contaminates from the water before it enters the streams or storm sewers. The water from you catch basins, install link to catch basins, to the StormCeptor.

How do I maintain my Stormceptor?

Columbia Drain can help maintain your StormCeptor. Like your Contech Filter system, it begins with a annual inspection. If maintenance is required, Columbia Drain has the expertise and experience to service the maintenance needs for your Stormceptor. Columbia drain will arrive onsite, we will vacuum the waste and contaminates from the StormCeptor, and dispose of them at a approved site. We will then provide you with a copy of the dump manifest, showing where the pollutants were taken. Once clean, Columbia Drain will provide you with your ongoing maintenace, upkeep and needed inspections to keep your BMP’s up to date.