Signs Your Shower Needs Some Help

Home plumbing is daunting to many people. Some homeowners are afraid of massive bills or extreme repairs, so they neglect to call a plumber when there’s an issue. However, fixing problems as they arise saves much more money than waiting for an emergency to arise. Plumbing problems almost always compound on themselves, meaning that if you ignore a problem, it will only get worse and worse. Other homeowners just aren’t sure what to look for and miss early signs that there are issues with your plumbing.

Though you may not check the basement drain or utility sink very often, there are high traffic areas in your home that can show signs that something is going on.

Signs Your Shower Needs Help

Here are some signals that your shower may be giving you that indicate that a plumber should be called.

  • Water is draining slowly. If you find yourself standing in pooled water while in the shower, it’s likely there is a clog or issue somewhere in the pipes. While products like Drano can fix some clogs temporarily, the reality is that having a clog in your shower at all is cause for concern.
  • The water pressure has changed. We all have our preferred shower pressure settings and generally leave them alone once we get them right. If you’ve noticed that the shower pressure has changed without any particular reason, there’s probably a plumbing clog.
  • The water smells weird. Abnormally smelly water can indicate a bacterial growth or molding clog in your system. A plumber will be able to locate the source.
  • The shower drain gurgles. If you can hear gurgling and other unnatural sounds coming from the drain as the water goes down it, it’s probably hitting something it shouldn’t be. A professional will be able to remove the clog so the water can flow freely and without noise.

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