Sewer Scoping: A Crucial Step That Homebuyers Overlook

When people are buying a home, they often make the assumption that the home inspection will reveal any issues that could cause problems and cost them money in the first stages of their ownership. Unfortunately, the typical home inspection doesn’t usually include a thorough inspection of the sewer lines. Taking the precautionary measure of hiring a professional company to send their camera into the pipes to check things out can save thousands in unexpected expenses for a homeowner. Sewer line repairs involved a great deal of excavation, as they are buried deep in the ground, so the costly work can range between $5,000 and $25,000. Consider these reasons to have a sewer line scoped before you buy the home.

  • Newer plastic pipelines can be damaged by trucks driving over them or have poor connections due to improper installation by the contractor who installed the pipes.
  • Root balls from trees can become wrapped around sewer lines, causing them to burst or become clogged. This is common with older homes, and those in areas with mature landscaping.
  • Some new homes are built in locations where another house was razed. In an effort to save money, previously installed sewer lines are sometimes used for the new home. These pipes can be as much as 100 years old or more.
  • Homeowners sometimes pay to have sewer lines replaced, but part of the old line (usually the farthest from the home) is left in place, either due to the homeowner attempting to save money, or dishonest contractors.

When you are buying a home, the best reason to pay for a sewer scope inspection is simple – you can’t trust what you are told about pipes that are buried underground. If the home has any potential issues that could cost you a lot, you will be thankful that you paid for the inspection. Call the experts at Columbia Drain Company today at (503) 313-7246 to find out more.


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