Sewer Scopes

Post construction, or after a TI.

The sewers can be inspected with a sewer scope, Columbia Drain will check for construction debris, or damage from large equipment. Once the system has been inspected, Columbia Drain will provided you a copy of the inspection. You can maintain it in your computer files, no more DVD’s floating around. It gives you assurance that your job is 100% complete and ready to be handed off to your client with 100% confidence.

Do you have a problem sewer that keeps backing up? if so, Columbia Drain can clear that blockage, then preform a sewer scope to inspect the sewer to determine what is causing the repeated backups, and come up with a plan to solve the issue, and stop those sewage floods.

Are you buying or selling a home?
 Columbia Drain is the company you want to perform your sewer scope. Columbia Drain does not do any form of sewer repairs. When you hire Columbia Drain to perform a sewer scope, you will be getting a honest assessment of the condition of your sewer, with no high pressure sales tactics to make a replacement or repair. Selling your home? Get that sewer scope done prior, there is nothing worse than having a sale pending, only to find out your have a poor sewer that requires service.Buying a home? Have the team at Columbia Drain inspect that sewer with a sewer scope. Find out what is under ground. You just bought your home a few months ago, now there is sewage backing up, why? A sewer inspection will take all the guess work away, and give you piece of mind. On average sewer replacements can run between $2500.00 and $7000.00

The age of the home does not matter. Columbia Drain believes that every sewer should be inspected. More times than not the contractor picks price over quality. We have performed sewer scopes on brand new homes, that have never been lived in, and yes they has issues. A sewer scope is very cheap insurance for what you cannot see, let Columbia Drain help you avoid the sewage back up nightmare!