Reasons to Get Your Drains Cleaned this Fall

If you have problems with your plumbing getting clogged, fall may be an appropriate time to get them checked.  With the increase in rain and tree roots growing toward sewer lines as the weather gets colder, having drains inspected and cleaned can help you avoid major plumbing problems during the winter.

Clues Your Drains Need Attention

  • Your kitchen sink may be a significant cause of a clogged or slow drain. Good garbage disposal habits are essential to avoid clogs and buildup.  If you don’t have a garbage disposal, a simple strainer that fits in the drain of your sink will allow food to collect and water to pass through the pipe.  You can avoid most of the food and debris going down your drains by adopting simple habits.  Having your pipes cleaned will allow the water from your faucet to flow down the drain much easier.
  • If your bathroom sink has a slow drain or gets clogged regularly, hair and toothpaste may be the culprit. A strainer in your bathroom sink is an excellent preventative technique.  Having your drains cleaned will allow you to have cleared pipes in your home, so plunging isn’t necessary any longer.
  • If you regularly have clogged toilets, be sure to keep a plunger close by until you have your drains cleaned. Try to avoid chemicals to release clogs and seek the advice of a professional right away.  If you notice that sewage backs up into your toilet, shower, or sink after you flush the toilet, then you should have your sewer line scoped and cleaned if necessary.
  • You may not have any signs that your drains need attention other than sounds in your pipes. If you hear gurgling coming out of your pipes in different areas of your home, the problem is probably in your sewer line.  The sounds you hear usually are from the air in your pipes, and this is typical with clogs and cracks in your pipes.

If you struggle with plunging your drains regularly or sewage backing up into your home, call Columbia Drain in Portland, OR, to get your drains cleaned this fall!

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