Protect Your Plumbing From Cold Weather Wear And Tear With These Tips!

36778918_sThe fall is officially here and the stores are full of pumpkins and fall colors. Your favorite coffee shop has debuted their holiday flavors and there are many casserole recipes to get through.

This is the time of year when we transition from the hot and busy season of the summer to the more slow-moving and cold weather of the fall season.

This is also the time of year when you need to be thoughtful of getting your home ready for the winter weather – it’s just around the corner, after all!

There are many systems in and around your home that need time and attention during the fall. Not the least of which is your plumbing system as the winter season is when your plumbing system takes the most abuse.

Since most of your plumbing system is buried in the ground outside, it is vulnerable to the weather and the cold temperatures.

This means that you need to be thoughtful of how you are using it and, more importantly, how you are protecting it.

Here are just a few ways that you can make sure to protect your plumbing system from the cold weather wear and tear:

  • Keep your water heater properly serviced and well-maintained by having regular appointments with a professional plumber. Your water heater should be inspected annually by a professional and qualified plumber to make sure that all of the parts are working properly and won’t go kaput from a little bit of cold weather.
  • Improve your water heater’s energy efficiency by adding an insulated blanket or water heater sleeve around the tank. These inexpensive accessories help to buffer the cold air and protect the water inside the tank from cooling down. This will not only reduce the amount of work your water heater has to put out but it will also improve the energy-efficiency of your system
  • Clean out your rain gutters this weekend and then store your garden hoses for the season. When you clean out your gutters it is a good idea to run a bit of water through them to make sure the downspouts are free of clogs. But, once you have confirmed that they are running smoothly – disconnect your hoses and wrap them up until the summer next year.

Keep your home and your plumbing system protected with these tips. Your plumbing system is an extremely important part of your family’s productivity and without hot water or a running faucet – the winter could prove to be too brutal.

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