Prevent Your Bathroom Drains from Clogging

If your bathroom drains are a constant problem, you may need to have drain cleaning services and then start to prevent future clogs.  If you notice your pipes gurgle, or drain slow, then call Columbia Drain in Portland, Oregon, this fall to make sure your drains and sewer lines are cleared and ready for the coldest months of the year.

How to Prevent Your Shower from Clogging

If you want to prevent your bathtub or shower from clogging, one of the biggest things to avoid is hair going down the drain.  Cover your drain with a drain screen or use a hair trap to makes sure hair doesn’t go down the drain.  While it may be gross to clean a hair trap or drain cover, it is much worse when there is a total clog because of a massive accumulation of hair in the drain.

Consider disposing of water from a mop bucket or paint tray outside instead of washing it out in your shower or bathtub.

Use a water softener to stop minerals from building up in your pipes and causing more clogs.

How to Prevent Your Bathroom Sink from Clogging

If you want to make sure your bathroom sink doesn’t clog this fall, consider having Columbia drain check your pipes and p-trap to makes sure that you don’t already have buildup.  Use a sink strainer to catch bits of soap, toothpaste, and hair that all create clogs quickly.  Consider using liquid soap instead of a bar of soap, so that small pieces don’t fall into the sink.  If you do use a sink strainer, make sure that your guests know to empty it into the trash can, instead of rinsing it off in the sink!  Use a dish by your sink to remove your jewelry, instead of setting it down on the edge of the sink.

How to Prevent Your Toilet from Clogging

To prevent toilets from clogging and running over or backing up into other areas of your bathroom, consider hanging a reminder of what is acceptable to flush and what isn’t.  This little reminder can help protect all the drains in your bathroom!

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