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Columbia Drain | Clearing Outdoor Drainage Systems

Clearing Outdoor Drainage Systems

Storm drains are essential in keeping roads drivable, and gutters are necessary to keep water away from your home’s foundation. It’s essential to clear obstructions to outdoor drainage systems when you see them, no matter the season. However, it’s particularly important in winter when Oregon sees its rainiest season. The mix of autumn leaves and excessive downpours can create major blocks in drains. Blocked storm drains, and gutters can cause several issues on roads and in your home.

Identifying Clogs

Sometimes, it’s easy to spot a clogged storm drain when it’s covered with branches, snow, or debris. However, if there’s leaf or debris buildup below road level, it can be harder to see. Determine if water is sitting around a storm drain or flowing into it as it should. Rake away and clear debris whenever you see it.

It’s more straightforward when cleaning your gutters. Be sure that leaves, debris, and sticks aren’t collecting in your gutters, and clean them out before storms arrive.

Problems Caused by Clogs

Some issues clogs can create include: 

  1. Flooding. If your outdoor drainage systems are not cleared, water will pool toward your house rather than away. Your house could face a lot of flooding around the foundation and throughout the yard. You could even see water seeping through your home and flooding the basement. Clogged storm drains can cause flooding on roads.
  2. Burst pipes. Gutters and outside drains that are not cleared can create pressure on the pipes that are indoors and may even cause them to crack or burst. 

Drain Unclogging Maintenance

Be prepared for the rainy Oregon season ahead. Your clogged drain problems could come from debris outside or from putting things down the sink drains that aren’t meant to be put there. Either way, if you need a drain unclogging, contact the professionals at Columbia Drain today.

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