Buying a Home? Why You Need Its Sewer Scoped

As a home buyer, home inspections are critical pieces of due diligence that you should absolutely
include as part of your checklist before making any purchase. One of the most important
inspections a buyer needs to consider is also one of the most overlooked: sewer lines. Despite
their importance, especially for older homes, most new home buyers neglect to have a homes sewer lines inspected and checked out before closing on their house.

What Is a Sewer Scope?

Because of the general inaccessibility of sewer lines, buried in the ground, and due to the need
for special equipment and cameras to inspect them, standard home inspectors don’t examine
sewer lines as part of their inspections. It is essential, then, to hire a plumbing professional.
These specialists can run a sewer scope down through the lines to check for all pertinent
concerns, conditions, and potential issues.

These scopes are actually long hoses with a camera affixed on the end that can run from the
sewer main in the house all the way down the sewer line. In this way, inspectors are able to
examine the lines for any current or potential issues. Though older homes are more likely to have
clay or concrete lines, which are most susceptible to root damage and cracks, any sewer line can
have potential issues. Sewer lines of all ages, regardless of when they were built, should have a

Cost and Repairs

Tree roots are a very common problem in most home sewer lines, as they grow into the pipes by
crawling into tiny openings and expanding, causing cracks and leaks. In other cases, debris and
other buildup can get into the pipes, blocking the flow of the sewer lines and causing a backup.
A sewer backup is a nasty and expensive event. A sewer line repair can cost between $5,000 for
a cheap repair, to around $25,000 for a repair involving excavation in and around a street. When
you consider that a typical sewer scope inspection is only a couple hundred dollars, you
understand the investment is well worth the price.

If you are considering buying a home, be sure to contact a professional to have the sewer scoped
and inspected. At Columbia Plumbing, we don’t provide any sewer repair services, so you’ll know that our inspection assessments will be accurate and honest, without any pressure or
agenda to push a sale or service. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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