Buying a Home In Portland Don’t Forget to Scope the Plumbing

Buying a home in Portland is a major step toward settling in the area.  With the waterways and storms in the area, a sewer scope is an excellent way to make sure you are investing in the right property.  Once you find one or two homes that you want to live in, Columbia Drain can run a scope through the sewer line and let you know if the sewer system is healthy or not.

A sewer scope is a procedure of using a camera to inspect the sewer line.  If the seller agrees to you getting the inspection done, you have the knowledge you need about the part of your home’s plumbing that can cause the biggest hit on your bank account if it needs repairing.

It is a common misconception that newer homes don’t need to have an inspection on the sewer line, but a review can still save you thousands.  During construction, cheap pipes can get damaged, or we could find evidence that the sewer line wasn’t installed properly and is already leaking.  It is just as beneficial to have a sewer scope done on a new home as it is to have one done on a home that is many years old.

A sewer scope is still necessary if you want to buy an older home and the sellers have already had work done on the sewer line.  Sometimes the work that was done wasn’t the whole line, and parts of the line are still clogged or don’t match up well with the new pipe.  A sewer scope will not only inform you, but it will inform the sellers if work that they paid for wasn’t done correctly.

Sewer scopes are also beneficial if you are a homeowner that has repetitive problems with drains clogging or backing up.  A sewer scope can give you the details of your sewer line and let you know if it is in fact a problem that is beyond the drains in your home.

Columbia Drain is available for sewer scopes and drain cleaning in Portland, Oregon.  If you have drain problems and want them cleaned, so your drains function well, contact us, so your drains are working correctly again.


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