Are You Prepared for a Plumbing Accident?

A plumbing accident can arise at any time, which is why homeowners in Portland, Oregon should understand what to do in the event of an accident. Take a look at the following tips to further your understanding of how to handle plumbing emergencies and minimize the risk of sustaining damage.

Remain Calm

Before all else, it’s essential to remain calm in the midst of a serious plumbing problem. While this is naturally difficult for many homeowners, keep in mind that going into a panic won’t help you manage the situation. Rather than letting worry cloud your ability to think, take a second to breathe and do your best to remain calm moving forward.


Turn Off the Water Supply


After taking a moment to calm down, the first step to take is shutting down your water supply as quickly as possible. Be sure you know exactly where your primary water shut-off valve is located and where the shut-off valves are on each plumbing appliance in your home. If the issue is due to a specific appliance, such as a sink or a toilet, you can switch the valve off to stop the flow of water. If you can’t determine the source of the issue, shutting off the primary water valve is the best means of blocking the water flow to keep your home safe from water damage.

Switch Off Your Water Heater

When you’ve successfully turned off the water in your home, the hot water and water pressure will start to increase in your hot water heater. If you notice that the water pressure surpasses your unit’s maximum, the heater could end up bursting and wreaking havoc on your home. In order to prevent this from happening, switch the water heater off immediately after you have turned off the water supply.

Call Your Plumber

To prepare in advance for a plumbing accident, always have your local plumbers phone number on hand. Be sure to have the number saved on your phone or written down on a piece of paper so you can access it promptly in the event of an accident.

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