Are You Keeping Your Catch Basin Maintained Regularly?

Catch basins – those round or square steel grates that are seemingly everywhere near parking lots, buildings, and curbs – play an essential role in keeping sewer lines running and clear. Failure to follow proper maintenance can lead to backups, pooling in the streets, damaged pavements, and flooding in the sewer lines. So how often should you have your basin cleaned? Columbia Drain has the knowledge, expertise, and reputation to provide all your catch basin maintenance needs, including annual inspections and cleaning to keep your catch basin in working order.

How Catch Basins Work

To prevent sewer water from contaminants such as oil, sand, trash, or other foreign objects, catch basins capture debris and separate it from the outgoing water line. This occurs by having storm water enter through a submerged pipe, which prevents objects from entering the outgoing lines. Sediment in the water then falls and settles in the bottom of the basin, while lighter substances, such as oil, and floatable rise to the surface. The clear water then enters into a 90-degree baffle, heading up and out, completely free of contaminants.

How to Maintain Basins

It is important for catch basins to capture large debris before it enters into the sewer lines, as branches, leaves, trash, and other debris can get nested in your main sewer line, resulting in expensive blockage. Additionally, unmaintained basins will clog, and won’t be able to filter oil and other contaminants properly. The basic rule of thumb is that basins should not exceed 50% debris volume. This means cleaning it when the basin is about a third full.

Ideally, basins should be cleaned annually, or even twice a year. Scheduling more often, however, increases your basin’s efficiency. When we provide a cleaning, we will vacuum out the basin, removing all contaminates, wash down the inside, and dispose of the waste at a proper site that is licensed to receive contaminated debris. Additionally, we will report back with any needed repairs or damage. Most commonly, the baffle is either missing or damaged, and will need a replacement.

Are you experiencing storm water backup? This is a sign that your drain inlet needs cleaning. Whether you are currently experiencing and issue or are looking to start regular maintenance, give us a call today to have one of our professionals come and take care of your catch basin needs.



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