4 Signs Your Toilet Needs Immediate Maintenance

A clogged toilet might be the most common toilet problem and is surely an annoying one. However, a simple clog is not the only thing that can go wrong with your toilet. If you notice one or more of these common toilet issues, you may need to have it addressed by a drain professional before the problem gets worse.

  • Your Toilet Handle Sticks or Becomes Hard to Push

If you notice your toilet handle sticking or becoming difficult to push, or if you notice that the toilet has trouble flushing if the handle is not held all the way down, you will need professional help to remount the handle or remove slack from the lift chain and get your toilet flushing properly again.

  • The Toilet Tanks Runs Continuously

The sound of continuously running water coming from your toilet tank or toilet bowl can indicate several problems. Either the lift wire is kinged, the float ball is damaged or rubs against the tank, or the tank leaks water into the bowl. Either of these problems can lead to excessive water waste and a huge increase in your water bill!

  • Water Pools Around the Base

If you notice a puddle of water forming around the base of your toilet, it could mean that the wax ring no longer seals against the base or that there is a crack in the toilet itself. Either problem could lead to expensive damage to your subfloor and should be dealt with immediately.

  • The Toilet Won’t Drain

If your toilet regularly has trouble draining or drains very slowly, you could have a damaged or collapsed sewer line pipe and should schedule a drain and sewer line inspection right away.

Contact Your Local Colombia Drain Co.

If your toilet is showing any of these early signs of a bigger problem, contact Colombia Drain right away and schedule an appointment to get the issue resolved. We will send a skilled member of our team to address the problem and prevent excessive repair to your home plumbing and drain systems in the future.


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