3 Ways Snowmelt Can Cause Problems for Homeowners

Spring is here, and many property owners in the Portland area are likely excited for the snow to
melt and the cool weather to give way to warmer temperatures. In addition, every property owner
should understand the risk of water damage from snowmelt. Columbia Drain in Portland, OR can
help address snowmelt issues before they become big problems, so consider the following tips
and contact Columbia Drain for professional assistance.

Snowmelt and Clogged Gutters

Your gutter system is crucial. It is responsible for carrying rainwater and melted snow off your
property and away from the structure. Gutters easily become clogged by leaves, twigs, and other
debris over the fall and winter, and early spring is one of the best times to clean your gutters.
Failure to address any compromised gutters on your property can easily lead to severe damage
once the snow starts to melt and the gutters cannot handle the extra water flow.

Snowmelt Around a Home

Most property owners know to clear snow and ice from paths and driveways, but the snow
immediately around a home or commercial property can also cause problems. As snow melts and
the water seeps into the ground, the lower levels of a structure may start to allow water to enter
the property. Moving snow just a few feet away from your property’s foundation can be enough
to prevent serious damage from snowmelt.

Snowmelt and Ice Dams

Portland has a variable climate, and the early weeks of spring may involve vastly fluctuating
temperatures. An ice dam forms on a roof when snow and water refreeze at the edge of the roof.
Changing temperatures can cause these ice dams to partially melt, accumulate more water from
snowmelt, and then freeze again. Inspect your roof regularly and if you notice any signs of an ice
dam on your roof, contact a professional for assistance before it turns into a serious problem.

These are just a few of the most common issues presented by snowmelt in the Portland area.
Columbia Drain can help you identify your property’s unique advantages and risks when it
comes to snowmelt, so contact us today and learn how we can assist with your property.

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