Drain Cleaning Service

There are numerous drains that run throughout your home and business and when one ceases to function normally, it is usually not long before others start to malfunction as well, since they are all part of the same system. The main drains within a home or business are your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet and floor drains.

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Storm Filter Maintenance

Contech Storm Filters work hard to remove more pollutants than most other brands.This includes the removal of fine solids, soluble heavy metals, oil, and total nutrients. Columbia Drain is the local expert in providing maintenance on the Contech Storm filter product.

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Sewer Scope Inspection

We are the local expert throughout the Vancouver and Portland area when it comes to Sewer scopes inspections.Columbia Drain has invested in the latest technology when it comes to performing sewer scopes. The old adage rings true still today, a picture is worth a 1000 words. There are various reason to perform a sewer scope.

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Portland and Vancouver Drain Cleaning and Storm Filter Maintenance

Columbia Drain Co. is a locally owned and operated drain company that services the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best environmental friendly and drain cleaning services available, using the latest technology available to get the job done faster and with greater accuracy. Being in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the specific needs of drains and use of Storm filters and other environmental friendly products. The experience that we have gained since 1987 gives us the ability and skills to work quicker and better than other, less experienced technicians. If your drains are clogged or need Storm Filter, Oil Water Separator maintenance, you can have full confidence that we will find the cause of the problem and get it fixed by either clearing out the line or repairing the damage.

We specialize in various services including;

  • Oil Water Separators
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Scope Inspections
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Storm Filters
  • Catch Basin Maintenance

Columbia Drain Co. of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction with our excellence in customer service and the quality work we provide to all of our customers. We even go the extra step to make sure we are keeping our environment safe by offering a wide range of services to help dispose of waste. All of the waste we remove is tested and taken to the appropriate disposal sites. From caring to the environment and our customers to the superior work we provide, you will be proud to work with the technicians at Columbia Drain Co. We are so confident in our commitment to customers that we have a very simple and fair guarantee. “If you are not truly happy with the service that you have received from Columbia Drain Co., let us know and we will either credit your account or refund your money!”

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